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Tentative Agenda

9:30 Announcements

9:45 Raft Launch 10:00 am to Dog Park Island (.9 mile)

10:35 – 10:55 Mussels (first 6 rafts) – Dog Park Island

10:35-10:55 Water Quality – (last 6 rafts) – Dog Park Island

11:00 – 11:20 Mussels (last 6 rafts)

11:00 – 11:20 Water Quality (first 6 rafts)

(Tests, snack and drink)

11:30 launch to Wea Creek Island (1.3 miles)

12:00 Fish Session at Wea Creek Island

12:25 Fish and On The River Test

12:35 launch to Fort Ouiatenon (.89 mile)

1:00 Arrive

1:00-1:30 -Lunch

1:35 -  History

2:00 Winning score announced

2:15 Load busses.

Safety Information

· Life Jackets MUST be worn at all times. This is an insurance requirement that we must adhere to.

· Students MUST wear closed-toe shoes at all times.  No opened toed sandals or Crocs are allowed. This is an insurance requirement that we must adhere to.

· Remain in raft at all times. Unless      otherwise directed.

· Do not stand in rafts.

· When exiting rafts, exit from the front only.

· Paddles are to be used to maneuver the raft. ONLY.

· Emergency Personnel will be present in a motorized safety boat. They will have a first aid kit and will be able to assist should an emergency arise.


· This event is completely free to all participants.

·  Dress appropriately and for the weather.    

· Bring extra clothes, shoes and a towel      You could get wet!!!

· Life jackets will be provided.

·  Lunch and drinks will be provided.



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Waivers and Forms

All students must have a completed liabilty and photo release returned to the teacher prior to the event in order to participate. Teachers should provide the forms however if for any reason and aditional copy is needed please click here to print a copy.