There are many valuable resources on the web that provide education and materials on stormwater management, ranging from the most basic of principles, to advanced models in management. Listed below are just a few of these resources.

Local Links

State/Regional Links

Federal Links

  • The Stormwater Managers Resource Center - is designed specifically for stormwater practitioners, local government officials and others that need technical assistance on stormwater management issues. Created and maintained by the Center for Watershed Protection, the SMRC has everything you need to know about stormwater in a single site.
  • Center for Watershed Protection - a very comprehensive site for the stormwater manager, complete with slideshows, sample stormwater manual and ordinance, an extensive library on stormwater management and more
  • EPA Stormwater Quality (NPDES) Website - Find out all the information regarding the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
  • Surf Your Watershed - a great interactive site, hosted by the US Environmental Protection Agency, that allows the user to look up information related to watersheds in the United States.  Information includes, but is not limited to, citizen-based workgroups, water quality monitoring, and impaired waters