Find a list of current and past projects we have pioneered and partnered on.

De-Trash The Wabash

Join us in to De-Trash The Wabash. Everyone welcome. To Volunteer, go to:


Wonders on the Wabash River Expedition

In 2014 we launched the inaugural educational rafting experience on the Wabash River in partnership with the Tippecanoe County Soil and Water Conservation District and the Tippecanoe County Park and Recreation Department. Aimed at delivering a full day of region-based environmental education, this year's adventure gave students a new perspective on our local river ecosystem.


De-Trash the Wabash

We plan and participate in spring and fall opportunities to "de-trash" the Wabash. This involves coordinating with local groups and university students to remove litter and debris from the banks of the river. 



On-Going Educational Programs

Almost everyday of the academic year, our Water Quality Educator is out presenting high-quality, hand-on lessons about water quality, natural resources and environmental science to students across Tippecanoe County. Find more information look under the Educators tab.