2019 Post-Test

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Which school do you attend? *
A watershed is? *
Watersheds can extend beyond county, state, or even country lines. *
You can have an influence on the water quality in the Gulf of Mexico. *
An example of something that may harm a watershed is..... *
The Wabash River's name comes from the native Miami word, "Wabashiki," which means... *
The Wabash River originates in northwestern Ohio State and empties into the Ohio River. *
The Wabash and Erie Canal was the longest canal ever built in America. *
Railroads replaced the canal as the most popular means of shipping in the region. *
Bald eagles can be found fishing in the vicinity of the 231 bridge. How many eagle nests are currently located on the Wabash River in Tippecanoe County? *
How many gallons of wastewater are treated at the Lafayette Renew wastewater treatment plant each day? *
Where does Lafayette Renew discharge treated wastewater? *
In primary treatment, what types of materials are removed from wastewater? *
Various types of bacteria/microbes break down the pollutants at Lafayette Renew. *
Are there any situations where untreated wastewater is released into the Wabash River? *
Why is dissolved oxygen in water important? *
Why is the temperature of water important? *
What does pH tell us about water? *
What do nitrates do for the environment? *
The issues associated with turbid water include: light not being able to shine through the water, rising water temperatures, and the potential to kill fish and aquatic invertabrates. *
How many different fish species can be found in the Wabash River watershed? *
The Wabash River is the longest stretch of free-flowing river east of the Rocky Mountains. *
The types and numbers of the fish present in a stream can tell you something about how healthy that stream is. *
It is OK to go swimming in the Wabash River under normal water level conditions. *
Name an invasive fish species in the Wabash River. *