Our Mission

The TCPWQ is committed to water quality and promoting stewardship of resources through partnership and public education. 

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Our Partners

As a part of a coalition of local governments' National Pollution Discharge Elimination Stormwater Permit, this website is dedicated to improving water quality in the Wabash River and the creeks and streams that feed it. If you are surprised to learn that you might be a source of contaminants, hopefully you will be equally surprised by how easy it is to improve water quality. Everyone can make a difference—homeowners, business owners, developers, and especially kids. You can make a difference at home, at work, and at school. Explore our Resources pages to learn about partnership programs, regulations, and ongoing initiatives that are positively impacting our local and regional water quality.

Contact us to learn about opportunities to volunteer, explore, learn, and enjoy the incredible water resources we have in Tippecanoe County.